Why have a video on your website?

Why Have a Video on Your Website?

Because it’s the most effective, engaging and entertaining form of communication there is. A video can take you around the world and you don’t even have to leave your home. I’m sure you have heard of the Oprah effect. If she walked into the room you would feel like you knew her, even though you never met her. But because she has come into your living room via TV (video), you have had a peek at her character, the way she talks and expresses herself.

If you can’t be there, then let the video introduce you to your prospective client. We have been riveted by video since its inception. I used to wake up every Saturday morning to watch the Lone Ranger. Man, if I missed that, I missed it. Then I would watch the cartoons. I loved cartoons. They were just stories, but sometimes we could learn a lesson or two. The reality, it was just down right entertaining.

A video you can place on your website can be about you and your business. It can show your passion and your commitment to excellence. If you’re spending money trying to drive traffic to your website and all you have posted there is written content and some photos it would be like turning on the TV and having to read the script and seeing some pictures as they scrolled by. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read and see pictures in books, magazines and newspapers. But a website has the capability of having a VIDEO and you should take advantage of that. People love watching videos and then reading the fine print.

In the coming year, 76% of all businesses will be posting a video on their website. Did you know Youtube uploads 72 hours of video every minute? Why? Because people love watching videos! If someone finds your website and it has a video, they will stay on it for 6 plus minutes. If it doesn’t, 6 seconds. They will continue searching until they find a video that introduces what it is they are looking for, where they can just sit, watch and learn.

The internet provides a form of advertising that is non invasive or distracting. On the other hand a TV commercial just breaks in. Your watching your favorite show and all of sudden there’s a commercial interrupting the program. Most of the time we just mute it. But the internet has search engines to bring people to the exact information that they are looking for, by way of a website. You have the opportunity because of technology to introduce yourself and your product or service with a video. Very strong if I may say so myself. It can be creative or just plain factual and to the point. The point is, it can be done and done just the way you like it.

Ali Bei

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