Scripts, Music, Sound Effects & Motion Graphics

Scripts, Music, Sound Effects & Motion Graphics

ADVID online is a video production company that provides all types of videos for your website needs.

We cover all the basics for you as far as writing the scripts, providing custom or licensed music, a large library of sound effects, motion graphics and of course the creativity to put it all together with the video clips we gather at your place of business.

Contrary to popular belief…

the videography part, which is the part you are involved in, is very non-invasive, in fact it only takes 30 minutes to an hour to gather the clips. The rest takes place by ADVID online. Editing, transitions all the necessary ingredients to engage your visitors with whatever information you would like to provide to them.

Then you get to view the video…

To determine what it is you like and what you don’t like… Back to the drawing board with any re-edits you would like us to do.

The result!

A video that does your elevator pitch for you over and over again… An introduction to your products and/or services to an audience you personally don’t have to be in front of, they just have to show up on your website and play your video to get the info they need… It’s magical to say the least…

Here is a sample of a motion graphic I put together to give you an example of what’s possible. Enjoy!