About us

Ali BeiThe path that led to the launching of ADVID online

began in 1985 when a stranger approached Ali Bei and asked him to write a jingle for his company to advertise on the radio. At the time, Ali was performing with an eight piece band at Duke University in Virginia. The gentleman told him the name and nature of his company and Ali went to work writing the jingle.

Later that night, Ali called and played it for him over the phone. The gentleman liked it so much he drove to Ali’s home and wrote him a check that very night. His jingle was recorded the following day and was on the radio within a week. The jingle was so successful that it stayed on the airwaves in the Virginia Beach area for more than ten years.

Over the years Ali continued writing jingles and developing his own recording skills.The rest, as they say, is history and ADVID online was born.

Today ADVID online is a successful video production and website development company.

Ali’s talent for writing customized music was an instant marriage with his video editing expertise. He was a natural. Ali was driven by his integrity and his commitment to excellence. You’ve heard it said that content is king. Now hear this. Nothing delivers content like a video and nobody delivers a video like ADVID online.

ADVID online also provides easy to navigate websites

which are connected to all your social platforms featuring your customized video right on the front page. In todays competitive market why would you settle for anything less?

Advid online is dedicated to providing your company with all its internet marketing needs. For a detailed list of all the other services they provide click here: Other Services.