3 reasons to have a video on your website

Ali BeiJust wanted to share the importance of having a video on your Website. First of all if you have a video on your Business sight you will want to make sure that it is a good video. What makes a good video? Well first of all it should brand you with an engaging opener and closer, visually with your logo. You should have this done professionally.

Secondly it should…¬†brand you audibly as well. A jingle or a custom music bed with your business name sung in harmony with a catchy melody, a hook so to speak. Something that will be remembered. The audio needs to be great, people will just click away if it’s not.

Last but not least you should have your content well written to describe your features, advantages and benefits of what it is you do or provide. (Your service, product or performance). Take some time to write this and remember you only have to write this once. I recommend using a teleprompter so that you can say exactly what you wrote.

This video shows a few websites with videos, the motion graphics and you can hear the jingles with the voiceovers.

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